"There are three kinds of people; the living, the dead, and those at sea." --Ancient Greek proverb.
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 !  Updated May 10, 2009

Consortium for California Maritime Archaeology


Society for California Archaeology, Sonoma

March 14, 2011 Page being updated. Please check back next week

SCA Symposium San Diego, 2012

Marine Archaeology in the News

San Jose State University College of Social Sciences has awarded Dr. Marco Meniketti a grant to initiate a pilot study examining the history and legacy of maritime communities throughout the state and the contributions of minorities in the maritime trades.


 !   Updated March 14, 2011

Welcome to the CCMA information Website!
This is a courtesy hosted site. The CCMA is an informal collection of scholars, historians, archaeologists, and others interested in fostering and promoting maritime archaeological research in California and along the entire West Coast. The CCMA is not affiliated with the IAICS and is not a registered non-profit. There are no officers, dues, or initiation rites (maybe there are, but its a secret).The CCMA members meet informally at at various conferences and annual meetings such as the Society for California Archaeology, Society for Historical Archaeology, and Society for American Archaeology. This website is intended as an information sharing homebase and as a means of coordinating research and symposia. Send suggestions, updates or announcements to marco.meniketti@sjsu.edu.
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