Field crew pictures 1997-2013 These pages are dedicated to all the students and colleagues who gave their energy, enthusiasm, time (and in many cases, their blood) to the continuing archaeological research of Nevis and have made the Bush Hill project a success.
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2013 Crew. Standing fron left: Sarah, Megan, Michelle, Esmirna, Kate Joanna, Bre, Carolyn, Chris, Lauren. Kneeling from left: Matt, Carlos, Brandon, Grant.

At left. Joanna, Kate and Michelle record artifacts from the excavation units at our headquarters/lab. We were assisted greatly this year with internet access which allowed us to connect with artifact identification websites.

At right. Grant demonstrates how to survey with a level transit. Kate and Carolyn look on as they prepare to survey the Morgan's Village site.

Right center. Bre shows her fan loyalty to the San Jose Sharks hockey team while in the field. ar right. The crew gathers for dinner on Pirate night.

Below. Brandon and Carolyn conduct site survey as we bild the elevation map of the site.

Below center. Matt and Sarah compare notes before heading into thebush to survey the village site.


Below far right. Carlos helps measure standing ruins at the Bush Hill site. These final mesurements help complete thye Bush Hill project.

2011 Crew. Right.

Front row from left: Diana, Claire, Montana, Hannah.

Center row: Joanna, Cathy, Rebecca, Linsey.

Back row: Dr. Meniketti, John, Ryan, Leo, Chris, Ryan


Below left to right. The crew documenting a high elevation sugar complex. Montana as a pirate moll. Rebecca preparing for her next dive on the wreck site of HMS Solebay.

Chris in the Zepplin shirt struggle sin the thorns to produce measured drawings of the curing house.Ryan and Montana hard at work recording their excavation unit. Chris received the RPA student scholarship for 2011.

The crew blows off steam at Sunshine's. Thank you Sunshine for flying the SJSU Banner.
Below. 2009 Crew. Ed, Jerry, John, Chris, Cathy, Anne, Tamera, Maureen, Guy, Dan, Yamuna, Diane, Rhiannon, Alex, Jillian, Val, Marco
Above left: John and Cathy record ruins high on Mt Nevis. This structure may turn out to be a 17th century "hurricane house" for taking refuge from storms but more research is needed before we can be sure. Hanging out at the Water department BBQ. They look sweet, but... On Pirate Nght the women can get dangerous.
Below: Yamuna inspects 17th cenrury ruin high on Mt Nevis. Below: Pirate Night


Below: The boys chill at the BBQ.


2008 field crew. Standing in front of the remains of the Bush Hill great house. Left to right, back row: david, Anthony, Amanda,Chris,Kenny.

Front row: Denise, Amy, Valerie, Kerri, Jessica, Jillian,Georgette, Gloria, and Delia.

Above left. Crew documenting neewly discovered foundations after clearing. The structure had been completely cobverd in vegetation, but give kenny a machette and get out of the way!


Above right. Chillin out after a historic tour and nature walk at Golden Rock Inn. The Inn was modified from a sugar estate and has several restored buildings. The owners graciously allowed the field team to use the pool afterwards. What a treat!



Right. 2007 Fieldschool crew.

Our 2007 field crew standing in front of the Nevis Museum of Cultural History. Although mostly San Jose State students, we also had crew members from UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, and College of Chaleston.



More pictures at the bottom of the page.

Alfonso and Christine take a short break for a picture. Update on Chrsitine. Archaeologists from San Jose State encountered her in Pt Barrow Alaska at aprehistoric site in 2008. Small world.

Christine is now at William and Mary. Alfonso has been accepted for the doctoral program at Michigan Tech.

Left: Joelle, Patrick and Ryan record measurements of a standing structured discovered on the site during the field season. So thick was the brush before clearing that the building was not known to be present on the site.

Our first field crew in 1997 standing in front of the Port St George site at Indian Castle Estate. Five of the crew are not pictured. Our vehicle, on loan from the NHCS, had a flat tire nearly every day for six weeks. The shocks and springs were a lost cause. I would not be surprised to learn that some of the team still have bruises from the daily ride to the site.

Survey exploration team for a pilot study of survey methods in 2002. The crew spent four weeks determining the effectiveness of a stratified random survey approach to locating plantation sites within the dense brush.

2003 Field team. The crew spent eight weeks surveying over 20% of the terrain in St. John and St. Thomas Parishes. This rugged crew discovered and documented twenty-two sites and excavated at two early unidentified sugar mill-complexes.
Field team 2005 ready to leave for the site on the steps of Pond Hill House. The crew continued the work of the previous season and also excavated at a early seveteenth century sugar works.

Left: Survey team 1997 after completing 100 measurements and angles. Set the standard for future projects.


Right: members of the 2002 crew clean and sort artifacts.

Work seems to never be done. The 2005 crew adds data to the field map and cross-indexes their notebooks.

Some well deserved downtime at Sunshine's. Bart, Kaitlin (our bayou Barbie) and Krysta after surveying the jungle.Thanks for all the Lobsters Bart. Krsysta is now Asst. Prof. at Wayne State.

Field survey 2005 at the base of the "Grandfater Tree." This large buttress root Kapoc tree is of special local significance.

The 2007 crew gets some downtime in the waters of the Caribbean.


At right, members of the 07 team at work on notebook check and artifact counts.

Special thanks to all the students, volunteers and directors who have contributed to the research on Nevis since 2003. Joelle Morgan, Patrick Slatter, Sana Mao, Jessica Glickman, Star Kim Quach, Sue Saign, Valerie Morgan, Ryan Hoyt, Alfonso Tinoco, Joe Salazar, Chrsitine, Robbin Forsyth, Tracy Thornton, Ed Tennet, Chris Cartellone, Amy Thickpenny, Gloria Trinidad, Kenny Helwig, David Thompson, Denise Venerova, Georgette Luna, Amanda Trujillo-Moran, Kerri Martin, Anthony Cardema, Jillian MacLaughlin, Delia Lorigo, Maureen Reyes, Dan Chase, Guy Freshwater, Alex Varanova, Rhiannon Beltran, Anne Newman, Diane Gonzalez, Jerry Starek, John Schalheck, Cathy Mistely, ***



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