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Pictured at left: Your Field School staff for 2016. Marissa is sepcializing in forensics while Erika is focused on geoarchaeology.

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Updated October 2015

West Indies Legacy Project

Open to 12 student only. We will have a faculty/staff to student ratio of 3:1 providing excellent hands-on training in all aspects of field data recovery.

The 2013 field crew came across exposed prehistoric human remains during a survey. Chris Keith, our graduate student field supervisor, returned in 2102 to excavate and study the remains. The result were excellent. His Thesis was awarded Most Outstanding Thesis of the Year by San Jose State University, 2015. Congratulations Chris! In the summer of 2014 a small team visited nevis to set up future research opportunities.

Our project for summer 2016 will return to the location of the burial (below left) and will recover a second burial detected during survey in 2015. We will also be working at the Hamilton estate (below right). The factory was owned by the uncle of Alexander Hamilton. This year our field school will enable students to experience both historical and prehistoric archaeology and participate in a historic preservation initiative.


Bird Rock Beach Hotel, St Kitts. By taxi about five minutes from the St. Kitts airport, ten minutes from the ferry landing. 869-465-8914.

If for some reason you arrive to late for a ferry over to Nevis, this can be a good place to stay. Several from the crew spent the night here and were quite satisfied.

Make reservations.

Our expedition headquarters.

Pictured below is our headquarters and accommodations at Hilltop Guest House. The house is wifi and very comfortable. We live dormotory style. The house has a large common room and dining area. There are seperate apartments downstairs and in an adjacent building, each with its own small kitchen and bathroom.

Recently the property was upgraded with solar power, fresh paint, and the road leading to the house paved.

Important information for field school participants.

Link to Ferry Schedule For those of you arriving through St Kitts, which will be most of you: Cost of tickets depends on which ferry you take, from $8 to $11.

Some of you are arriving Thursday the 9th, most on Friday the 10th. Be sure you can catch a ferry or you will be spending the night in St Kitts. We have confirmed that the last ferry on Friday is at 9:00pm. But anything can happen. We will have someone meet you at the docks to ensure you get aboard the boat with minimal fuss.

If you have time before catching the ferry you might consider using the bank on St. Kitts to exchange your money. However, they usually close at 2:00 on Fridays. You can always use an ATM to get cash (small fee).

Popular question: Many of you have asked how much money to bring. The answer really depends on what you plan to do in your free time. There are no theaters or costly tourist traps, and few souveniers to buy, so your money will mainly go toward recreation, bus or ferry rides, snacks, and meals at restaurants if you go out. I usually say $100/week is plenty.The equestrian center has special rates for our students if you want to ride. But some students spend much more, others far less. Here are some costs to consider: To go diving will cost $80 plus gear rental. Busses cost $2.00. You can get a good meal in Charlestown for as little as $6.00 at the Jamaica Bakery or you can go to Sunshines for dinner at about $25.00. You will pay that just for an appetizer in the fancy places. Drinks are usually $2.00-$4.00, or $14 at Coconut Grove. It all depends where you go. Hiking is free. Beach time is free. A great way to spend a Saturday is to travel to St. Kitts by ferry and take a bus or taxi to Brimestone Hill Fort.

Suggestions from past crew members:

A few members of past crews wanted to pass along some tips.

Students always bring too many clothes.

Use sunscreen regularly.

Drink lots of water.

1. Bring a dozen clothes pins for your laundry and three or four plastic coat hangers. You can leave these behind at the end of the project. Metal hangers rust.

2. Travlers checks are no longer available. You can use ATMs on the island, but have at least US$50 cash in small bills to cover ferry, tips, meals enroute. It may be a few days before you can get to a bank. You should tip any baggage handlers or taxi drivers on the island $1.00 per bag. This is easy if you carry a few singles. You may also want money for meals along the way. It is also good PR as you will see many of these people again!

3. Put medicines, toothbrush/paste and a change of clothes in your carry-on bag.

4. Digital cameras are good.

5. As you enter the Caribbean you will be on "Caribbean time," which means slow down. Don't become frustrated by delays.

6. Flights from San Juan to Nevis are often on small planes with limited or no overhead compartments, you may find the airline personnel will ask you to surrender your carry-on bag to be put in the cargo hold for that stretch of your journey. Most of you will fly direct from the states and not pass through Puerto Rico. Nearly all arrangements with American or US Air, and Delta get in around 2:00-2:30. Customs can take up to half an hour.

7. Blow driers are a waste of time and luggage space.

8. Always be polite. Nevisians respond to this well.

9. If weight is a problem, remember you can get all toiletries on the island so leave 'em behind.

10. Overnight flights are very exhausting. Drink lots of water. Remember: NEVER PUT YOUR TROWEL IN CARRY-ON LUGGAGE!



CDC link.


Updates: Field project in preparation for summer 2016

Updates October 2015


When possible it is best to travel as a group. Not only is it more fun, but if something goes wrong enroute it is comforting to have friends around.


Don't forget your passport. You need this to get into Nevis and to get back into the US! Be sure it is current.

Everyone needs to have a Hepatitus vacination.

Pack light. Try to get everything into one bag. Your small daybag which you will use everyday on the project can also be worn on the flight as a carry on. And remember to bring a small flashlight for the frequent power outages.

Flame tree (Poinsienna). Nevis.

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