Institute for Advanced Interdisciplinary Caribbean Studies

The Institute for Advanced Interdisciplinary Caribbean Studies is a non-profit educational and scientific foundation dedicated to integrating the best scholarly traditions of archaeology, history, anthropology, ethnography and sociology in Caribbean research.

The Isles Institute for Advanced Interdisciplinary Caribbean Studies was established in 2005 for the purpose of providing scholars of the Caribbean from various research traditions and fields with a forum for discussion and collaboration. The institute is organized as a non-profit 501-(c)(3) organization and has Federal tax exempt status and approval will allow individual, corporate, and public tax-deductible contributions to support our operations. Board members and Advisors do not receive financial benefit from Institute funds. Contributions are used directly for Institute operations and programs. As of 2017 the Instute will no longer operate as a 501c-3 organization and will dissolve.

Goals of the Institute include generating opportunities for archaeological research throughout the Caribbean, organizing symposia at conferences, offering public education programs, and recognizing major contributions in the field of Caribbean Studies. The institute forum will encourage and foster collaboration across disciplines to enrich historical, archaeological and anthropological research in the region.
Long term goals include publishing an annual review of Caribbean research, a newsletter, and a journal of interdisciplinary research focused on topics relevant to Caribbean scholars. The Institute will also recognize substantive contributions to the field through an awarding an annual prize selected by critical jury.

We have awarded 14 Montepelier Student Travel Grants and three Research Opportunity Grants since 2007 and will award a Special Travel Grant in 2011.

In 2011 the fields school on Nevis was recognized for excellence by the Register for Professional Archaeologists and we were awarded a student scholarship.

The Antigua field school under the directuion of Dr. Georgia Fox has also earned RPA Cetification.





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News March 2017

Marco Meniketti, Ph.D. San Jose State University

Georgia Fox, Ph.D. California State University, Chico

Jerome Hall, Ph.D University of San Diego


Updated March 2017

The Institute is about tyo dissolve as a 501 c-3 and will no longer operate as an institute. The strain of maintaining the organization has taken its toll on the directors and while we will continue to engae in caribbean reserach, we believe the institute has outlived its purpose and value.

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