Skeleton Revealed

Once the full skeleton was exposed, the delicate task of removal from the surrounding rock hard matrix was begun. The individual was at first believed to be an adult male, slightly arthritic and perhaps would have been about 5'6" in height. However, we now have evidence that the individual was a young adult female with a high probability of African descent.

The prone body was laid to rest on his back with arms close along the sides and hands brought together over the center of the pelvis.

No artifacts or traces of a coffin were detected. One musket ball was recovered, but we are doubtful it is associated with the skeleton as the location is adjacent to military defensive works.

During the 2005 season, Annette Doying, an EMT currently studying forensics at the University of Florida spent several days examining the remains. Her determination is that the several key diagnostic features point to high probability of African lineage with no doubt that the skeleton is of a female perhaps no older than twenty. her report will be published here when completed.

Samples of the surrounding matrix, seeds found embedded in the spine, and bone with possible tissue adhereing were removed for further testing with permission from the Nevisian authorities.

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